Tryst With Destiny – 2003

Tryst With Destiny

Knowledge destroys the seed of worldly existence, the ignorance” (Katha Upanishad, Hindu Scripture)

Tryst With Destiny (a famous quote drawn from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s speech at the dawn of India’s Independence) is a musical journey through many geographical borders, religions, castes and creeds. It captures the beautiful complexity of nature as echoed in life filled with emotions.

Dr. Krishna Raghavendra brilliantly demonstrates the powerful and universal ability of music to overcome the differences and to celebrate the unique diversity of humanity. The album is a fine collection of original compositions of Dr.K Raghavendra and world music gems built on the strong foundation of the ancient Indian musical tradition of ragas (melodies) and talas (rhythms).

The album opens with the Beginning signifying birth, a spiritual beginning based on Vedic chants and organ music of the church. The journey, Caravan, with Middle Eastern sounds across the desert, melodically mirrors the flowing, changing canvas of nature. Nature with seasonal changes as represented by the scale shifts in the composition, is Beautiful with its power, complexity, bounty and joyous colors. Yearning and excitement are the essence of Forest. Waves and Seashore rhythmically spring to life in the compellingly composed harmonies. The sense tingles with Happiness and one has no choice but to Dance with Joy. This rush of adrenaline eases into calmness and serenity settles in as the ultimate awakening in Tryst with Destiny. As every happy event in life has an end, sadness sets in with Lament. Lullaby is a soothing composition and a fitting accompaniment that signals the end.

Kaiser Majid says about the music “… we are at a place and time when neo-bop integrates with the ancient Vedic chants and a natural response of the millennia old call of the veena …”


Rhythm Pads, Morsing and Konnakkol: B.S. Arunkumar
Mridangam, Morsing and Konnakkol: S.V. Balakrishna
Drums: K. Deva
Bass Guitar: B. Gopi
Keyboard: Venkatram Harish
Ghatasingari and Effects: S. Kashyap
Violin: Mysore Nagaraj
Ghatam, Morsing and Konnakkol: G. Omkar
Khanjira: S. Prashanth
Veena: Krishna Raghavendra
Bamboo Flute and Vocals: V.K. Raman
Keyboard: Praveen D. Rao
Vocals: Shankar Shanbogue
Mridangam, Thavil, Tabla, Phakwaj, Bass Dholak and Konnakkol: Anoor A.K. Sharma
Vocals: M.S. Sheela
Tabla: Ravindra Yavagal