The Great Train Journey – 2002

The Great Train Journey

Life is a train (musical) journey which develops into fleeting or permanent relationships (collaborations).

The Great Train Journey is in the true spirit of Raga And Rhythm Ensemble (RARE) of Dr. Krishna Raghavendra, promoting and integrating Indian music with other forms of music.

It is a musical journey, through nature, of South Indian musicians together with jazz musicians. One of the legendry alto saxophone players, Mr. Charile Mariano, and, master bass player Mr. Dave King are assets to the album.

The well-known musicians of Karnataka College of Percussion (KCP), under the direction of Mr. T.A.S. Mani have effectively played South Indian complex rhythmic patterns. All the compositions are the original creations of Dr. Raghavendra and brilliant singer Mrs. R.A. Ramamani and are based on Indian ragas.



Veena: Dr. Krishna Raghavendra
Vocals and Konnakkol: R.A. Ramamani
Mridangam: T.A.S. Mani
Bamboo Flute: V.K. Raman
Violin: M.S. Govinda Swamy


Alto Saxaphone: Charlie Mariano
Bass: Dave King
Guitar: Amit Heri
Guitar: G. Machado
Keyboard: F. Melville

Percussion Ensemble:

Karnataka College of Percussion