Sindhu Bhairavi – 2011

Sindhu Bhairavi

It is well known that when the reference or tonic note (swara) of a raga in the Indian music system is shifted to another note (swara), the result is a different raga. This phenomenon may be referred to as a scale shift, key shift, shruthi bheda or graha bhedha.

In this recording project, we have chosen one of the most popular ragas, Sindhu Bhairavi (Carnatic System) or Bhairavi (Hindustani System).

One of the unique features of the album is the use of the shehnai, both with the veena and by itself. The voice and violin also have many engaging and beautifully rendered solos.

The extensive use of various rhythmic instruments and patterns brilliantly support the melodies and melodic improvisations, particularly by special guest Glen Velez, a five-time Grammy Award winner and frame drum wizard.



Detachable Veena: Dr. Krishna Raghavendra
Violin: V. Srikanth
Shehnai: Balesh
Keyboard: Sangeeth Thomas


Abhishek Raghuram and Dr. Krishna Raghavendra


Mridangam, Khanjira, Tabla, Frame Bango, Tambourine, Nakara and Shakers: Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma

Ghatam: Sukanya Ramgopal

Tabla, Bass Tabla, Dagga, Madd Dagga, Top Tabla, Bas Dholak, Top Dholak, Nakara, Tasha, Khanjira, Tambourine, Bass Tape, Top Tape, Ghata Singari, Madal, Shakers and Tala: Venugopal Raju

Riq, Water phone, Tar drum, Wood drum, Shakers, Caxixi and Maracas: Glen Velez