Shades Of Love – 2005

Shades Of Love

Shades of Love is the thematic project of Dr. Krishna Raghavendra, depicting love.

The ephemeral form, which begins and develops into acquaintance, anticipation, longing, intimacy, joy and misery, ultimately culminates into divine bliss. The music in this album is unique.

Melodies in each song except in the title track “Shades of Love,” keep changing in quick succession. In the song “Shades of Love”, scale shift leads to many pentatonic ragas.

All the melodies and motifs, based on Indian ragas, are original creations of Dr. Raghavendra, who brings together traditional, devotional, folk and contemporary traditions.

Finally, voice, key boards and rhythm pads naturally blend with other melodic and percussion instruments to create contemporary Indian music at its best.


Veena: Dr. Krishna Raghavendra
Violin: Mysore Nagaraj
Bamboo Flute and Thambura: V.K. Raman
Vocals and Sarangi: Faiyaz Khan
Santoor, Harp, Koto, Classical Guitar and Mandolin: M. Kumar
12 string Guitar: Srinivas
Keyboard: Shabbir Ahmed
Mridangam, Thavil, Phakwaj and Tabla: Aanoor Ananthakrishna Sharma
Tabla: Venugopal Raju
Rhythm Pads: Arunkumar