Rare Pulse – 2001

Rare Pulse

Like a mighty river, Indian music is borne from two major tributaries: the timeless Vedic chants and the tribal folk songs which emanate from a boundless collage of sounds, colors, activities and emotions in the homeland.

At the heart of Indian music is melody – Raga, and rhythm – Tala. Another important aspect of the music is the balance between free and structured improvisation. It is said that Lord Shiva, as the Cosmic Dancer, struck his frame drum and initiated the melody and rhythm of the universe itself. 

Two elements make the music of “RARE PULSE” unique. First, the musical instruments produce both traditional and contemporary sounds in a unique manner that, like a river, flow with the ebb and tide of the novel compositions themselves. Second, renowned master world percussionists, Glen Velez and Jamey Haddad, have blended in naturally to complement and enrich the music which sounds soulful and bright.


Veena: Dr. Krishna Raghavendra
Bamboo Flute: V.K.Raman
Mridangam and Khanjira: Dr. Anand Iyer
Egyptian Riq, Irish Bohran and Shakers: Glen Velez
Hadjini, Mazar, Zills, Maracas, Handclap, Crickets, Caxixi, Djembe, Riq, Talking Drum and Saturn Drum: Jamey Haddad