Nee Da Ma Daa – 2007

Nee Da Ma Daa

This unique project is dedicated to a young life which was cut short due to unnatural, excruciating, and untimely end caused by severe mental depression.

The brilliant vocalist, Ms. Sriraksha Aravind, represents the voice of the young soul. Nee Da Ma Daa are the notes of a scale in the “raga” tradition of Indian music.

The melodies (without lyrics) are sung as notes, delineations, and embellishments of the ragas. Ms. Aravind has sung exquisitely at an unusually high pitch, in the key E.

Music in this album captures complex emotions throughout the short span of the young life. Happy times, though very brief, are the essence of In Life, Celebration, and Dreams. Trauma and acute conflicts that torment the young mind are represented in the songs Haunting, Restless Solitude, and Nee Da Ma Daa. The budding flower that never blossomed ends in Angst. Eventually the soul is liberated and rejoiced in healing.



Veena: Dr. Krishna Raghavendra
Violin: Charulatha Ramanujam
Butto, Bamboo Flute: Annada Prasanna Patnayak
Santoor, Harp, and Koto: M. Kumar
Keyboard: Shabbir Ahmed
Sarangi: Faiyaz Khan


M.S. Sheela, Faiyaz Khan, Sriraksha Aravind


Mridangam, Khanjira, Tavil, and Phakwaj: Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma
Tabla: B.S. Venugopal Raju
Rhythm Programming:Arun Sukumar
Rhythm Sequencing: Kumar