Earth Distressed – 2009

Earth Distressed

This double album is dedicated to Mother Earth.

While we have been reaping benefits, we have also been polluting and abusing the planet. I have attempted to reflect my thoughts through music hoping to convey the calamity of climate Change.

My compositions are based on East Indian Ragas, most of which sound feminine: Ahir Bhiravi, Sunadavinodini, Durga, Ranjani, Ragesri and Kiravani. The exceptions are Garudadhwani and Shudhadhanyasi.

The instruments used in my compositions, particularly the Ghatam, Harmonium and Sitar, are unique to this project. I have used female and male voices as instruments. Many percussion instruments, including several unusual Tambourine instruments of South India, melodic instruments including the Flute, Bansuri, Veena, Violin, Santur, Harp and Classical Guitar along with the Keyboard and Rhythm programming have been used to create this music.



Veena: Dr. Krishna Raghavendra
Violin: V. Srikanth
Butto: Annada Prasanna Patnayak
Bamboo Flute: Pravin Godkhindi, & M.K. Pranesh
Sitar: Suma Rani
Harmonium: Dr. Ravindra Katoti
Santoor, Harp, koto & Classical Guitar: M. Kumar
Keyboard: Shabir Ahmed & Sangeeth Thomas


Abhishek Raghuram, Dr. Krishna Raghavendra, M.D. Pallavi, Sriraksha Aravind


Mridanga, Khanjira & South Indian Folk Tambourines: Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma
Ghatam & Konnakol: Sukanya Ramgopal
Tabla, Bass Tabla, Dholak,& Khanjira: B.S. Venugopal Raju
Tabla, Dholak, & Ghatasingari: Madhusudan
Khanjira, Konnakol, Morsing, & Rhythm Pads: Arunkumar
Djambe, Congas, & Rhythm Programming: Pramath Kiran