Dr. Krishna Raghavendra is an international performing artist, composer, and producer of both traditional and contemporary Indian music.

Ragha, as he is referred to by friends and family, is a virtuoso on the veena, a traditional plucked stringed instrument from South India. His veena is custom made to be detachable.

Ragha has developed novel playing techniques, which involve a combination of soft nuances, swift fingering and imaginative uses of melodic and drone strings to produce harmonizing and vamping sounds that mimic different instruments. He is the founder of the Ragha School of Music, an institution primarily devoted to promoting and integrating Indian music with western and other forms of music. He has released several original recordings and leads the “Raga and Rhythm Ensemble” (RARE). He has composed and played music for several theatre productions.

Ragha has been playing the veena since early childhood and trained in traditional Carnatic music extensively. His background in Indian music extends to other forms such as Hindustani, folk, devotional and pop music. He has played with many Indian and non-Indian musicians and developed his own technique of playing veena, a very difficult instrument to master by incorporating and blending the various styles and techniques.